The Oil and Gas Resources of Azerbaijan, A country's transformation into a regional energy hub
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The Oil and Gas Resources of Azerbaijan

A country's transformation into a regional energy hub

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Since its independence, thanks to the rational and controlled use of its
natural resources and the diversification of its oil and gas pipelines,
Azerbaijan has become a major regional energy hub, an essential contributor to
most of the large-scale projects in the region, and a new commercial and
security partner for Europe. It is committed to an ambitious strategy of
diversified economic development. Azerbaijan, which has the world's most
ancient oil industry, has left behind its relative anonymity of the Soviet era
and become an independent player on the stage of Eurasian energy. As a
researcher at the Baku State University, the author, Fazil Zeynalov, provides
a particularly pertinent geostrategic study of Azerbaijan and its energy
policies. He explains the changing history of Azerbaijan's energy reserves
since the Middle Ages and presents the importance and geopolitical prospects
of the Caspian Sea. This detailed and informative publication is recommended
reading for teachers, researchers and students, as well as members of the
wider public wishing to understand the international issues associated with
the Caspian, and more broadly with the region that links Asia and Europe.
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